By Kristen Drake
Managing Director, PolicyFind

Over 25 years ago, PolicyFind’s CEO Steve Henshaw, P.G. discovered the power contained within historical commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policies in the face of a lawsuit or environmental issue. He then assembled a team of Insurance Archeologists, led by David O’Neill, J.D., to perfect a process of unearthing and reconstructing CGL coverage for companies and organizations representing a diverse span of commercial sectors. Over the next few decades, PolicyFind built its reputation for success by locating over $5 billion dollars of usable funding for policyholders.

Our clients commonly face immense challenges and deadlines, and they rely on our strengths to provide solutions for them. Our team understands the unique set of circumstances that businesses face when liabilities from past business operations arise. With our help, they can overcome their inevitable feelings of anxiety, powerlessness, and uncertainty.

Time after time, our clients tell us that hiring an Insurance Archeology team was one of the best investments they’ve made in their company’s success. Once historical coverage information is discovered, it opens a door to potential funding for their current liabilities, and can be considered an indispensable resource for any unfortunate FUTURE situations.

PolicyFind works diligently every day to put the power of the policy back in the policyholder’s hands – where it belongs.


Kristen Drake brings more than a decade of research and managerial experience in broadcast journalism to the field of insurance archeology. Since joining the PolicyFind team in 2015, Mrs. Drake has successfully documented liability insurance programs on behalf of municipalities, manufacturers and dry cleaners. She continues to translate her expertise in source procurement and digital fact-finding, performing insurance research activities at a very high level, providing on-time execution of contracted performance goals.