PolicyFind Locates Millions in Old Insurance Policies for Drycleaners

“The team at EnviroForensics and PolicyFind pulled together my historical insurance information and worked with me to develop a strategy to use those old policies to pay for the investigation and remediations of the environmental impacts on all three of my drycleaning sites. It sounded too good to be true, but true to their word… my dry cleaners are on the way to being contaminant free properties.”

Dan Martino

Martino's Master Dry cleaners

EnviroForensics’ insurance archeology firm, PolicyFind, searches for old policies and reconstructs historical insurance coverage for drycleaners. This process restores monetary value for businesses faced with liability issues from perc or PCE contamination.

Your old insurance policies are valuable assets that can be worth millions of dollars. We’ve found over $4 billion in usable insurance assets for our clients. Historical insurance can pay for environmental investigation, remediation, legal fees, or have a direct cash value. 

Whether you’re a business owner who needs to leverage the value of your property or business, or you’re someone who wants to sell or buy, don’t get caught in the crosshairs of liability during a sale when you can leverage your old insurance policies to find cash! Contact us today.

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About PolicyFind

  • We’ve found over $6 billion dollars in usable insurance assets. 
  • We have over 85% success rate at locating policies or evidence of historical insurance policies.  
  • We have one of the largest specimen policy libraries to ground truth evidence of coverage and help reconstruct potentially missing portions of polices. 
  • We conduct insurance archeology throughout the United States.