Insurance Archeology Experts

Finding yesterday’s policies for today’s claims.

Historical insurance policies are valuable assets

PolicyFind provides the expertise you need to find your organization’s historical insurance. We boast over an 85% success rate in finding usable insurance assets. 

We serve a variety of clients

We help clients dealing with lawsuits and liabilities related to past sexual abuse, environmental contamination, asbestos, talc, and opioid claims.

“Finding the insurance was a huge relief, my dad and mom (former owners of College Dry Cleaner) were ill... If Policy Find hadn’t found the insurance, the State of California could have taken everything and my parents would have lost all they had worked for.”

Barbara Heidinger

Chico, California

“Our firm has worked with PolicyFind to locate evidence of historical insurance for several of our clients. PolicyFind has conducted thorough investigations and provided positive outcomes for our clients.”

Anthony J. Fasano

Guercio & Guercio, LLP, one of New York State’s leading school law firms

“When old insurance policies are brought to the light of day, they put small business owners on the same playing field as governments and companies with deep resources.”

Brent Huber

Ice Miller LLP

“We had some information the coverage existed, but PolicyFind was able to find and assemble the old policies. Proceeds from the company’s old general liability insurance policies funded the cleanup of solvents that had seeped into aquifers decades ago.”

Greg DeGulis

McMahon DeGulis

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