Confidential Insurance Archeology®

Finding yesterday’s policies for today’s claims

We search historical insurance policies to reconstruct coverage and help attorneys defend against claims and fund settlements.

Historical commercial general liability insurance policies are valuable assets that can be worth millions of dollars and can help pay for legal defense, settlements, and damages.

Our Confidential Insurance Archeology® service uses a multiline approach to develop leads and find historical commercial general liability insurance assets. We do this by conducting corporate history research and reconstructing historical insurance coverage to locate lost or mislaid insurance documents, or evidence of policies. This service allows us to present an array of available insurance assets to our clients.

A well-conducted insurance archaeology project can provide millions of dollars in defense costs and indemnity to the institutions faced with response costs for injuries and damages occurring under previous management but surfacing recently. The retrieval or reconstruction of a lost or misplaced CGL insurance policy can protect institutions from serious financial loss.

Our coverage charts provide a depiction of which policies were in place during each policy period. This insurance chart shows coverage purchased from a variety of different carriers. All of these past policies contain hidden assets that can be used in legal defense and settlements.

How We Help

Often institutions destroy their expired insurance policies, which means if those policies are ever needed in the future, it can be a challenge to uncover the old policy information. That’s where we come in.

We help you find funds to defend against latent injury. Our attorney clients have received funding support from insurance companies that have ranged from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Our expertise in assembling documentary evidence of older general liability insurance policies provides the needed proof of coverage to support long-tail claims reaching back into the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Facts About PolicyFind’s Confidential Insurance Archeology® 

  • We’ve found over $4 billion dollars in usable insurance assets. 
  • We have over 85% success rate at locating policies or evidence of historical insurance policies.  
  • We have one of the largest specimen policy libraries to ground truth evidence of coverage and help reconstruct missing portions of policies. 
  • We conduct insurance archeology throughout the United States.

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